An ECD Model for All

The Hong Kong Model will be designed to meet the needs of at-risk children and their families no matter where they come from or what special needs they might have.

The model will be comprised of three programmes:

  • The Early Learning Centre (ELC) will  annually serve 166 children, ages 0-6, in an inclusive (i.e. including children with special educational needs), multicultural setting. Because local need is so great, services for children from birth through three years will be the larger offering, benefiting 112 infants and toddlers. Carers will also be available during extended hours to accommodate children whose parents work extra-long days or non-standard shifts.
  • Parenting Skills Workshops will be offered for families at hours convenient for parents, whether working outside or stay-at-home.
  • A Community Engagement programme, especially for new arrivals and others who lack social connection, will bring together parents, grandparents, and children for playgroups, workshops, holiday parties and special events.

Like all OneSky models, the Hong Kong Model will be designed for replication. OneSky is now in talks with potential NGO partners with a plan to scale the model to other Hong Kong areas via satellite centres.

Training & Resource Centre

Our trainers will teach the unique OneSky approach to working with at-risk children and families to  early childhood educators, social workers, educational specialists and programme directors from local and regional child-focused NGO and social service organisations. Courses will be offered both through interactive classroom workshops and via distance learning. The OSGC will be a gathering place that will benefit like-minded organisations in Hong Kong in myriad ways. In partnership with local NGOs, academics, and social service offices, OSGC will invite guest speakers to share information about innovations in early childhood care and education, best practices, and current research. Community partners may also have access to OneSky’s online learning community, which offers user-friendly forums and an extensive multimedia training library.

OSGC will be a true centre of excellence—promoting best practices, innovation, and collaboration among child-focused organisations and agencies. A place to create, to teach, to learn and to share.

We’ve found a perfect site.

We have a great architect.

We’re hiring a terrific local team.

We’ve raised the first USD 5 million.

It will take an additional investment of a minimum of USD 15 million to make our dreams for Hong Kong’s children come true.

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