Why I Love The OneSky Hike – It Teaches My Kids Compassion!

The year’s One Hike for OneSky on November 10, will be Bill Quarless’s fifth, he explains what makes it such an important event for him.

“We love supporting OneSky and the great work the organisation does. We are very happy to play our small part to support the critical work that OneSky does nurturing and caring for the most vulnerable children.

“I especially like the charity hike because I do it with my family and my entire company. My young children understand why we are doing this and I use the event as an opportunity to teach them compassion and giving. My staff are also always eager to participate and give back as a team. We have a friendly fundraising competition with the winner getting a prize and the company matching all the funds raised.”

“I’m usually pretty slow – thanks to the five and six-year-old but generally we all finish as a team. That’s one of the good things about the walk – there are different options that suit all fitness levels. But whatever option you choose, the finish line is an accomplishment – even more so knowing that you’ve achieved something worthwhile as a group. It’s a great day and a fantastic cause.” 

Bill Quarless is the President & CEO of Impact Products.


Join us on Sunday, 10 November 2019, for our 9th Annual OneSky Charity Hike

at the beautiful MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong.


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