Hindered by the Pandemic Transformed with Unlimited Care and Love

When we first met 4-year-old Tintin at the P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre for Early Childhood Development he hid behind his mother yet curiously looked around, his eyes sparkling. Although he wasn’t willing to speak, his smile always glowed like the moon. Tintin’s mother expressed her concerns to the Centre’s Family Mentors regarding Tintin’s recent diagnosis of developmental delays. Compounding the problem, because of the pandemic, he hadn’t had many opportunities to interact with peers or play outside—all crucial to his reaching his potential.

The Sham Shui Po area, where he lives, lacks safe and clean playing facilities. Now that he is able to attend the Centre, he is benefiting from unlimited support, including accompaniment, consultation and remediation by his devoted Family Mentor, Suki. Suki also worked with Tintin’s mother to learn how to help Tintin express his needs more clearly. Working together, they have gradually witnessed Tintin transform from a quiet child hiding behind his mother, to a lively, energetic boy greeting his Family Mentors courageously.

His mother also reported feeling supported and more confident in her parenting skills. Thanks to implementing the OneSky Approach, she now has better interactions with her son and has learned the value of responsive care. “It has been a joy to watch them both grow and transform together,” said Suki.

Recently, Tintin participated in the sports day at his kindergarten. He tried really hard, but he didn’t win any of the competitions. When he returned home, he told his mother how disappointed he was. Apart from his sadness, Tintin’s mother was so happy that he was able to share his feelings so she could teach him how to manage his sadness in a positive and constructive way. Tintin’s mother explained to him that participation is more important than winning, and to celebrate Tintin’s participation in the sports day, they made a medal together.

One day, Tintin seemed especially nervous. Family Mentors wondered why he was so anxious. But then they figured out the reason once he took a deep breath, walked towards Suki and presented her with a gift. She was touched that he made her a paper bracelet on his own and expressed his feelings by drawing. “It represents his heartfelt thanks to OneSky; and how much he treasures his friendship with Suki,” said his mother.

“Hello Suki!” … Those two words sound like music to Suki’s ears when spoken so confidently by Tintin. “We embrace his growth and transformation. What is engraved in our heart is always his genuine, lovely smile from ear to ear!” she said.

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