OneSky Joins CoolPlay STEAM Carnival As Green Warrior

Children can discover STEAM —science, technology, engineering, arts, and math —by getting hands-on in their everyday life. The P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre held two fun workshops at VESSEL on the Kwun Tong Promenade in mid-June, in which the workshops were designed to get children creating and learning, while helping caregivers support the children’s learning, growth, and emotional needs.

The STEAM Carnival is part of the CoolPlay Project supported by the Jockey Club, co-organized by YCCECE and Hong Kong Christian Service. At the carnival, OneSky’s Green Warrior team set up two activities: making seed bombs and eco-printing. These activities are designed to spark children’s creativity through sensory play, deepen their connection with nature, and inspire caregivers to respond to the development and emotional needs of children.

Creating seed bombs from recycled paper is not only fun but also an educational opportunity for children to get messy, feel different textures, and see how seeds sprout. They can also connect with nature in their daily life by using flowers and leaves to dye handkerchiefs with beautiful colors from nature.

OneSky promotes interaction with the young children through asking questions and keep an open mind. Caregivers can ask questions such as how do you make paper pulps? What helps seeds grow well? How can we get the best print on the cloth? Or, what are you feeling as you do this? This way, children and caregivers can grow and learn together, and form a closer bond.

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